Announcing New Piano Rental Fleet Financing Opportunity

Announcing New Piano Rental Fleet Financing Opportunity

Let’s Grow Sales Together!!

Today’s economy demands flexibility so that one is always one step ahead of the competition. That being said, HDC Young Chang Music would like to announce our new partnership with Marlin Business Bank.


When it comes to flexibility, Marlin Business Bank offers multiple levels of finance programs to fit every dealer’s budgets and needs. These new programs that are now available to you fit both acoustic and digital product lines. 


This is an opportunity made available to promote your sales;
  • Expanding your rental fleet/pool
  • Schools systems
  • Churches
  • Music Education Center



It is easy, put your order in with your DSM, fill out the form attached and email to Tom Lockhart or you can call Tom Lockhart at 856-505-4432.



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raja kumar » 10 Oct 2014 »

downloaded this piano
please check this piano

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