Our company was established in 1956 as the first piano brand in Korea’s history. Young Chang has become synonymous for reliability and quality of the finest instruments. Each of our instruments has undergone hundreds of individual steps in order to produce the perfect artwork of the finished product. Each piano made has been produced with the heart and soul of Young Chang.

The transparent and distinctive sound of Young Chang Pianos is what makes us stand out. Our pianos are renowned for their dynamic range of musical expression, power and depth of tone. Treasured for the beauty and clarity of sound timbre, the Young Chang piano is pleasant and responsive to the touch.

Young Chang Piano soundboard‘s unique curvature is created by precisely applied tensions that result from the interplay of several factors including the milling of the rib ends and drying phases in a climatic chamber.

Young Chang piano’s tonal quality is integrally tied to the complex and specialized nuances of material selection. At YOUNG CHANG. the finest natural raw materials are selected and stored under controlled climatic conditions and processed by skilled craftsmen. The creation of a Young Chang Piano is a process which takes years and years to perfect.

Our piano parts are durable and long lasting. The piano’s frame is made utilizing a cutting edge precision vacuum cast, manufactured in Young Chang’s own facility.



ln October 1883 Weber pianos were officially installed at the New York Metropolitan opera house (the original building on Broadway which is the predecessor of the current Lincoln Center), the finest opera house in America where the premiers of all the latest and finest European operas were performed.

The New York Metropolitan Opera was transferred to the newly built Grand Theatre at the Lincoln Center in 1967, and in October 2010 Weber pianos were again officially installed there, bringing full circle the story of the Metropolitan opera and the Weber piano company

From the late 19th century until the mid-20th century, Weber pianos reached the height of their worldwide fame, becoming increasingly popular in Europe, where it became the official piano of many of Europe’s Royal Families, and was bestowed with its unique royal symbol, and earned its nickname “the piano of the royal family.

During the late 19th century the world-class pianist and composer, lgnacy Paderewski (1860 ~ 1941) performed exclusively on the Weber grand piano ensuring its popularity among many leading musicians of the time. Born in Poland Paderewski was later to become Poland’s first prime minister. Additionally the world famous pianist Moritz Rosenthal (1862 – 1946) who was the disciple of Franz Liszt (1811-1886) and the master of Jorge Bolet used the Weber grand piano for the composition of such famous compositions as Papillons (Butterflies), and toured exclusively with a Weber piano throughout the United States.

Additionally, Pope Pius X (Pope Pius X 1835- 1914) purchased the Parlor Grand Weber piano for personal use at the holy apostolic palace and it was used for a long period of time. After this, Pope Pius Xl (Pope Pius Xl 1857-1939) designated the Weber Plano as the official Vatican piano.

Following the adoption of these pianos by Pope Pius X and Pope Pius Xl, Weber piano gained more recognition throughout Europe. Weber piano was selected as the official piano of the royal family in England, Wales, France, ltaly, Belgium, and Sweden. more…



Born in Bayern Germany on July 8th 1828. Albert Weber learned to play piano from the age of five and composed music from the age of eight. He was influenced by leading musicians of the classical era including canonical pianists Beethoven and Mozart.

At a young age of 24, he opened his own piano shop under his name and began to study resonance and depth of sound. Through his studies, he was able to innovate parts by making earnest improvements of the felt, hammer, and steel frame.

As Young Chang’s top-of-the-line, they are manufactured in a separate production line and receive extra preparation and attention-to-detail. They are ranked by Larry Fine (Author of “The Piano Book”) as an Upper Level Consumer-grade piano, and are hotly-competitive with many far-more-expensive European brands ranked by Fine as Good Quality Performance-grade pianos. more…

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